We love our clients. Here’s the buzz on working with The Party Bea!

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Rachel was a huge help in my wedding planning- never could have done it without her! I was planning a wedding in Virginia from states away, and am so grateful for the piece of mind she provided me.  Rachel  was able to take my vision make it a reality, while also giving me great ideas and helpful hints throughout the entire wedding planning process.  I knew what I wanted, but she helped me make sure it happened the way I wanted it to, so I was able to enjoy the day!

Sarah C., Wedding Client

Rachel was an invaluable guide through the planning of my hundred-guest autumn wedding. She helped me define a style, set my budget and stick to it by helping me set priorities and trim the less important stuff. She is very well respected in the vendor community — her contacts are excellent, and they treated her (and me) like an old friend. Rachel has impeccable style, a great sense of humor, and a calm temperament, all of which allowed me to relax and enjoy the process. From our first meeting to discuss color to the hug (and gentle push) she gave me right before I walked down the aisle, Rachel was an ideal partner in creating an incredible evening.

Carrie M., Wedding Client

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I could not imagine my wedding without Rachel. Seriously. From the beginning she helped me understand all the different parts to plan such a huge event. She kept it simple, too. In the beginning she highlighted 4 or 5 major decisions I had to make. After I made those, then those categories each involved other major decisions. She walked me through every step of the way. Her experience and knowledge, coupled with her incredible organizational skills and excellent communication, really make her shine as a planner. She also remains super calm and steady, which was greatly appreciated. I would hire Rachel to help me with any major event I plan in the future!

Brittanie D., Wedding Client